“The operator of that site, Edward Webber, agreed to not only pay a substantial settlement with even greater financial penalties for any further such actions, but by Court Order must provide the MPAA with access to and copies of all logs and server data related to his illegal BitTorrent activities, which will provide a roadmap to others who have used LokiTorrent to engage in illegal activities,” the MPAA said in a statement.

It is hard to imagine an independent group like the MPAA seeing it as economically feasible to go after end user file sharers, but we saw it with the RIAA and Kazaa. Until some of these reactionary groups can present any kind of evidence that these heavy handed tactics are effective in curbing the flow of pirated materials or that pirated movies even take any sizable chunk from box office sales then I cannot help but see this as simply continued luddism from scared stiff collars. Is it about keeping dinner on the tables of the thousands of honest, hard-working people, or is it more about the fear of a paradigm shift crumbling the fragile lectica upon which you ride? Listen guys, I think the movie industry is gonna be just fine.