SpyNet Technology??

Microsoft has a new anti spyware program out in beta. You can get it on their site although you are required to go through a “short validation process” to verify the authenticity of your OS. For people not so into authenticity checks, you can also get it from our friends at BetaNews. But the really interesting part is the technology it is built on. SpyNet?? Someone in Redmond is having a good chuckle. You think this is the remnants of the former CIA network in Eastern Europe?

Not too far off actually. Here is how Microsoft explains SpyNet during the install process:

SpyNet is Microsoft’s response to the endless barrage of new spyware software. SpyNet uses industry standard security methods to link thousands of personal computers, like yours, to the world’s first anti spyware network. As soon as one computer in the network picks up on a new string of spyware, Microsoft AntiSpyware will automatically react to protect your system. Together, SpyNet subscribers wield the supremacy of a vast anti-spyware community.

Would you like to join the SpyNet community?
Yes. I want to help fight spyware (recommended).

Which industry standard? You gotta love the grandeur of it all, especially the radial button at the end. My only complaint is that they didn’t cloak and dagger it up enough. Maybe they could assign you a codename and offer rewards to those that expose spyware bandits. Soon the MPAA will be following suit with their anti-piracy SpyNet as well. “Turn in your roommate and end the creativity stifling!